Entry Doors
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  Entry Doors

Make the first impression of your home a lasting one. Our fiberglass doors provide the best in strength and security while looking great.
EntryMax Composite™ door systems will continue to look great and function properly year after year. Our choice of materials and unique construction methods ensure a long life for your door.

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The Components

Our fiberglass doors provide the security and strength you want in an entry door.
They are a smooth surface door with a solid pigment skin. This means if you do not want a custom colour, the standard white pre-finished surface does not require any painting. It's tough outer skin doesn't show abrasions and scratches like a steel door generally would.

Peace of Mind

  • Fiberglass skins are impact resistant and better absorb and distribute the energy of a kick in attempt.

  • PVC composite rails and stiles virtually eliminate instances of the slab fracturing at the lock, deadbolt and hinge locations during a forced entry attempt.

  • A full length internal lock block solidifies the structure of the slab adding strength where it is needed the most.
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