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  Garden Doors

Make the transition from your indoor living space a beautiful one. EntryMax Composite™ Garden Door systems will retain their look and operation year after year. On our Garden Doors, one side operates to swing out, while one side vents. It has a removable interior screen.

The Components

  • EntryMax Composite™ door frame is stronger than wood, will not rot and will last a lifetime
  • Our door slabs are stronger than steel, will not rot or rust and are resistant to dents and damage
  • Our high security design ensures maximum protection for your home
  • All door systems are standard in pre-finished white - no painting is required
  • Patented adjustable strike plates offer a consistent positive seal
  • Double weatherstriping is standard for maximum weather protection
  • Ball bearing hinges provide smooth operation year after year.


  • Standard and Custom matched colours
  • Fibreglass door slabs with a stainable wood grain finish
  • Retractable Screen option
  • Many glass options available, including a true 1/2" airspace triple pane
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